Our Story

Sociable Life was founded with the idea that it should be easier for people to find and share accessible activities. Our aim is to build an easy to use website that is free for everyone and is supported by the community.

We think it’s important that activities are always kept up to date, as it’s frustrating to find other websites advertising activities that haven’t been running for years! With the help of our supporters in the Sociable Life Community we automatically flag old activities for review, and if we find the activity is no longer running then we remove it.

Sociable Life is a completely free resource for everyone to use. The website was designed and built by Tom Harris and is constantly updated with new features added all the time!

While Sociable Life is free to use, it’s not free to maintain and run, with it currently being financed by Tom’s own salary from his day job. We’re looking for other sources of funding to help keep this resource free, so please get in touch if you would like to help or have any ideas.

Sociable Life is based in London, but we find activities all over the UK with the help of our Sociable Life Heroes!

Tom Harris

Sociable Life Founder

As chairman of the charity Odyssians, I help to organise an activity holiday for adults with disabilities every year, but wanted to find other activities to recommend to the people who attend the camp. I decided to learn to code so I could build this website from scratch, making sure that it was easy to use and as accessible as possible.

I'm really excited about being able to share accessible activities that so many people around the UK are running. When I'm not volunteering for Odyssians or building Sociable Life I work as a software consultant in London.

Sociable Life Heroes

A big thank you to all the people that helped with this project from the very start and along the way!
Kathy Mitchell
Sociable Life Hero
Ben Wearn
Sociable Life Hero
Becky Hart
Sociable Life Hero
Kevin Coghlan
Sociable Life Hero